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The Spreadsheet Detective is normally purchased on an annual basis, with a substantial discount for periods of three years or longer paid in advance.

The Spreadsheet Detective is being continually enhanced with additional features, and there is no additional charge to receive these upgrades. The price includes full support during the license period.

Permanent licenses never expire but only include three years support.  They will not work on future versions of Excel that were not available when the license was purchased.

License Type 1 Year 3 Years
(Paid In advance)
Permanent Software Usage
Spreadsheet Auditor AU$175 AU$350
(AU$117 per year)
AU$583 For people whose main use of the tool is to audit other people's models whose authors do not have a Spreadsheet Detective license.
Quantitative Analyst AU$125 AU$250
(AU$83 per year)
AU$417 For use by analysts to verify models that are substantially built by the licensed user.
Small Business License AU$70 AU$140
(AU$47 per year)
AU$233 For private companies with less than 10 employees in total that do not provide financial advice.
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Add GST if ordered in Australia.

Prices are per user. Substantial discounts are available for large sites of more than 10 users, please ask for a quote.

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Alternatively you may e-mail us at info@spreadsheetdetective.com.

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