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The following sites contain spreadsheet research, information, books or utilities. They are difficult to categorize because most sites offer several of the above. Please let us know if you have or know of other good Excel related links that should be added to this list.

Spreadsheet Risks

Concrete Spreadsheet Errors
The author's own folly.

Australian CPA Article: Error Free? Spreadsheet Risks and Techniques.
Article discussing spreadsheet auditing.

European Spreasheet Risk Interest Group
They have an active mailing list and annual conference, whose papers are available online.

Ray Panko's Spreadsheet Research
A Survey of many academic papers and anecdotes on the nature and effect of spreadsheet errors. Panko is/was a leader in the field.

Systems Modelling Limited
Patrick O'Beirne's site with an overview of spreadsheet risks. Consultant based in Ireland.

Louise Pryor's site
Papers and blog on spreadsheet risk.

Lists and Forums

Microsoft's Forum
Technical forum monitored by Microsoft employees that occasionally provide useful information.

Microsoft's Excel Community
Another forum, more uer oriented.

Microsoft's Excel Blog
The blog of the Excel development team.  Sometimes interesting.

EXCEL-G For General Excel questions.
EXCEL-L For Excel developers.
Old Mailing lists that are still well subscribed.

Mr Excel
Web forums that are well subscribed.
Another well subscribed web forum.   Also some articles.

Spreadsheet Articles, Hints and Tips

Pearson Software Consulting
Expert traditional VBA articles.  Lots of quality articles.

Spreadsheets To
General blog on Excel. Beginner tutorials.

JWalk and Associates
Books, old but good tips and help, and the power utility pack spreadsheet utilities.  Good links.

Daily Dose of Excel
Good articles by many authors.

Decision Models
Charles Williams site. Does consulting, and useful info and a FastExcel utility for optimizing spreadsheet performance.
Advanced Excel techniques.

Allen Wyatt's many articles, plus newsletter. Not to be confused with!

Vertex42 - The Excel Nexus
Provides Excel templates, tutorials, spreadsheet and articles for business, home, and educational use. Plus, an extensive directory of Excel links.

Excel Hints
Some articles.

Automate Excel
VBA, Articles, and answers VBA queries. (Does development.)

Improve Your Excel
Free Excel Tutorials,Tips and Tricks

Excel VBA
Online book on VBA programming with Excel.

Power Spreadsheets
Some articles on advanced Excel techniques.

Excel Champs
New Indian E-Book with tutorals, blog, VBA etc.

Expert Excel Consultants
Help with all Office applications, including Macro/VBA development.

Dave McRitchie's site
Lots of hints and articles, including the fate of DejaNews.

Spreadsheet Tools

Cimaware Software
or ExcelFix
Cimaware Software offers programs for the recovery of corrupt Excel, Access, and Word files.
@nalyst library of financial functions, also Quant Tools. Fairly widely used.

Decisioneering/Crystal Ball (now Oracle)
Monte Carlo - like, plus Cystal Ball Pro that does optimization

Macro Systems (
Bob Flannagan's Spreadsheet Assistant, Neat utilities, plus Risk Analyser.

Viziware Navipane
Utility that helps navigate through a spreadsheet

SQL Excel
Import data from ODBC data sources (ie. most databases).  Query builder.

Pdf to Xls
PDF to Excel 
Free web based PDF to spreadsheet converter.

Pdf to Excel on iphone
Like it says.

PDF Tables
Another PDF to Excel tool.  Web based but can be used via an API.

Invest In Tech
Able2Extract tool for extracting spreadsheets from PDF documents.

On line tool for converting PDF data into xls files. -- Frontline Systems
They wrote the Excel Solver, and have a much faster, more powerful versions. It provides several algorithms that can solve huge linear and quadratic problems, integer problems and can handle (smaller) non linear or even non continuous spaces. The interval solver can even assure that global optimals have been found.

Synkronizer compares, updates and synchronizes Excel spreadsheets. Good for very large spreadsheets, but report is somewhat noisy.

Statistical package. Parametric, non-parametric, and clinical research statistics. Also a book.

Statistics functions.

Windmill Software
Provides free software for moving serial data feeds into Excel. (Eg. GPS).

This company offers add-ins for Microsoft Excel that peform neural network forecasting and classification using simple or complex data<

4 Tops
Access/Excel Tools, including importer, VBA writer, Access Mail Merge.

Able Bits
Many general Excel utilities.

Templates, Spreadsheets, Documents, Calendars and Calculators.

XL Project
Creates gantt charts and administrates your projects
General tools, remove duplicates etc.

Data Mining

StarProbe Data Miner
Intelligent data mining tools: hotspot profiling, clustering, segmentation, predictive modeling, visualization, ...

Database Marketing
Advanced data mining software for complete analytic database marketing: predictive modeling, segmentation, profiling, visualization, ...

Beyond Spreadsheets

Sumwise Modeler
A new type of spreadsheet language that puts more structure back into the model, so that names can be used directly.  Strong emphasis on semi-repetitive structures used in financial models.

Productivity: Why it is Important that Software Projects Fail
How does software really affect society?

Excel Training

Excel Everest
Cool interactive training software, from basic formulas to pivot tables.  Many exercises, 87 embedded videos.  Beginning to intermediate.

Excel University
Aimed at CPAs and accountants.

Walls Street Mojo
Free financial modeling course.

Computergaga Excel Training
Provide Excel training.

Qwik & Dirty Task Guides
Provides FREE help with some not-so-obvious tasks in Microsoft Excel and Word. From OneOnOne Computer Training.


 Independent model audit services and financial modelling blog.

F1F9 UK based respected trainers and developers. Focus on model clarity.

Application Professionals
Rob Bovey, Consultant. Has tips and VBA utlities such as Code Cleaner which strip comments and compresses .xlas.

OzGrid Microsoft Excel Training
Professional Excel consultant providing services in all aspects of excel from remote training to custom enhancement.  Also some add-ins and utilities.

Glynn Consulting
Builds Excel and Access applications.


Free Option Pricing Spreadsheet

For european otpions.

Ole Erlandsen's Pages
Tips plus some code samples

Alans Excel Goodies
A Consultant, Tips and examples.

Spreadsheets in Education
Focus on Maths/Science. References to books, journals etc.

AuditNet Auditors Resource Page
Source of general internet reources for auditors (much wider than just Excel).

Maus Business Systems
Business Planning Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet World
Excel courses, broad range of VBA based products and services.

United Design Marketplace
UDA Construction cost estimation templates.

End User Programming
Howie Goodell's page, various academic analysis.

Erlandsen Data Consulting
Consultant (Norway).

Better Solutions
"Users are developers." General help and info about Excel.

Peoria Design
Enable a simple spreadsheet/data grid to be edited using simple web forms.

Excel-like web based spreadsheet..

A wide range of addins & plugins for Microsoft Excel grouped by categories.